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Because of their low flexural strength, these structures are very sensitive to buckling when exposed to external pressur. Conventional stiffening which makes it possible to improve the bearing capacity is to add stiffening rings connected by axial stiffeners or axial stiffeners.

In these configurations the stiffening elements are an integral part of the structure with a continuity of material. One can ask the question of the effect of contiguous but non-continuous adjacent external structures ensuring total or local surface external contact. These are real configurations, such as those of buried pipelines, pipelines, or the case of insulated structures. This study aims to analyze these cases where the shell is in contact with a material which confines it, and that it undergoes an external lateral pressure.

The contact conditions between the two bodies, whether rubbing or not, the stiffness of the confinement as well as the loading conditions, the pressure which can be directly applied to the shell as it may be induced by the confinement material which by withdrawal or shrinkage or Radial convergence induces stresses, these are the parameters that we consider essential for gauging the problem of buckling with contact of an external pressure shell.

To answer these questions, we conducted an experimental campaign where several configurations of confinement are considered. The nature of the external environment associated with the confinement and therefore its rigidity, the type of confinement, discrete local or the total property entire surface of the shell , are evaluated. Appropriate instrumentation, coupling point and field measurements, has allowed us to correctly highlight the phenomenology.

Numerical simulations integrate the different nonlinearities in this problem, large displacements and rotations due to buckling, nonlinearity material, in some cases the buckling is plastic, but also the nonlinearity induced by an evolutionary contact. The modeling is carried out in 2D and 3D mesh, and in the latter case either by means of shell elements or by massive elements, the first aim being to corroborate the experimental observations more or less precisely.

This work shows that even for external confinement with very low membrane rigidity, as for sand or expanded polystyrene, a significant gain in bearing capacity is observed, the buckling is delayed. The increase is substantial in the case of a total confinement which is not negligible and consistent in the case of local confinement. We have also found that the buckling load and the associated mode depend on the contact configuration, in particular the flexural rigidity of the confinement.

Une campagne expérimentale où plusieurs configurations de confinement sont considérées. La nature du milieu extérieur associé au confinement et donc sa rigidité, le type de confinement, discret ou locale au bien total surface entière de la coque , sont évalués. Une instrumentation adéquate, couplant des mesures ponctuelles et de champ nous a permis de correctement mettre en exergue la phénoménologie.

Ces travaux montrent que même pour un confinement externe avec une très faible rigidité de membrane, comme pour le sable ou le polystyrène expansé, un gain important de capacité portante est observé, le flambage est retardé. Nous avons aussi constaté que la charge de flambage et le mode associé dépendent de la configuration de contact, notamment de la rigidité à la flexion du confinement.


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